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 Why SNS Yavatmal? 

SNS Yavatmal is a frontrunner and leading name in the field of English Fluency and Personal Grooming, Mental and Health growth along with motivational boosting supplement to the participants. It imparts integrated training modules for every age of the people, who can face challenges ahead confidently. It also emphasizes specially on updating universal knowledge to make every participant feel confident & leading discusser.

It makes every participant unique and turns ordinary to EXTRA ordinary. It works on enhancing logical point of view of every participant towards life and Vision.

SNS YAVATMAL has been serving in this field from last 17 years and many SNS participant are working in National and Multinational firms. Even Many participants are working abroad while many of them have presented presentations out of India too. SNS is and will always remain with every participant’s growth and will help to develop them too.

SNS works on only one formula for success

 Think  Act  Get 

Added Peculiarities

  • Redefined personality activities
  • Public hold
  • Confident approach and training
  • Case studies
  • Life situational activities
  • Impeccable Audio-Video onscreen analysis   

 Our Strength - Our Director

 NIKHIL SOMAIYA is the brain behind SNS personality Learning Systems. He is only the NLP Practitioner and Life Coach in and around region. He has taken special training by David Lincoln DL International London Institute. He is also the director of this facility. Being a successful Consulting Psychotherapist & Personality Enhancer he also practices NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming). He also doubles up as a HRD & Motivational Trainer. He is actively involved in English Language fluency development and personality trait studies since 1996. He has devised very effective and sophisticated training modules for English language fluency and personality enhancement to ensure complete development of every participant of this program. He has taken various sessions, seminars and workshops on Human Development to let every participant reach its deserving success. He also has given various speeches on FM radio on Personal grooming. He has also written and directed TV serial PAHECHAN – An Identity on the issues related to Personal Grooming.

It’s only the facility available providing such services in the region. 

“The Director wishes all the best to each one of you, who are alert and awake and have realized the importance of self-development for the novel motto of succeeding in life”.

Director’s message to every aspirant ……
 “A person is blessed with life only once, so do not gamble with it and waste time…
                                                                                  ...make most out of it..choice is yours".




  Managing Director 

MIRA SOMAIYA is Managing Child and women Development segment at SNS. She is Consulting Child Nutritionist and Dietician by profession. She works in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics especially for children and women. She also guides many participants including children, adolescents, youths and adults regarding health hazards and aware them to maintain good health. She rather emphasizes more on prevention of diseases than curing. She also manages Health Awareness seminars and workshops for all age of people in house as well as in group for various organizations and institutions. She also undertakes English Language development, FRENCH language Program and Personal Grooming for Child and women development.


She specially gives message to women; ‘

Women can do miracle only need passion to drive it’.










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